Today in the Modern Computer Era, the concept of Technology & Management has established acknowledgment across the world. However, there are still various new ideas, which are yet to be disclosed and implemented for the growth of many businesses, organizations and even for the advancement of the world in various Technical & Management aspects.

The conference intends to provide a platform, to offer an innovative view of Technology, Management thinking, Realistic Research Studies and various Management Practices in the Indian and Global perspective. It aims at bringing Research Scholars, Academicians, Practicing Managers, and Students at a point where it seeks to address issues, interests, and findings from research work and exploration of original ideas concerning various Technical and Management aspects.

In today’s Emerging field of Technology & Management, there are lots of issues which should be discussed and encapsulates few of the most important developments which will help our Environment and Society across the globe. The focus of this conference is to highlight best achievements & advancements in the field of IT, Computer Science, Electronics, Cyber laws, Engineering in various domains, Economy, Management, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Network Attacks, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Database Security, E-Commerce, Asset Management, Social Networking and Many more....


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