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Parveen Sadotra, (CEH, Research Scholar)
Anup Girdhar, CEO-Founder, Sedulity Groups

In the developed world, the present generation cannot imagine a life without computers. The information and communication revolution has overtaken the world, demolishing economic barriers and political boundaries. The network of computers aptly called the internet, which has modest beginning, has grown by leaps and bounds. The word ‘cyber’ and its relative ‘dot.com’ are probably the most fashionable words in the entire vista of English vocabulary today. The growth of Internet is certain to continue as the internet demonstrates that it is no longer a marginal medium, but rather is increasingly relevant even to ordinary people. In day today life families’ use-mail to stay in touch, consumers to shop on the web and citizens inform themselves through online news and information resources. The ability of online users to interact in sophisticated way, forming “virtual communities “may be what most differentiate the Internet from past developments in communications technology.  Internet technology enables people to “meet and talk” and live in cyberspace in ways not possible in real-space. It permits “many-to-many communication, unattainable with past technologies, which enabled only one-to-one broadcast communication. Thus internet is not bi or tri functional but is multifunctional.

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