Emergency Hospital Service Provider Through SMS (Mobile) Service

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Nandita Khazanchi - Student, PDEA’S College of Engineering, Pune University

Mankind’s approach towards the development has led to tremendous improvement in the technology to be used. From the small pen used to the big aircrafts, there has been observed a great development. But the main thing which has ease our lives is that, now a days, we are getting most of the daily need at our door step just by a phone call.

This helps us to avoid the wide searching of the required things from different places. But with this lax approach, we have only improved the services for the daily needs but what about our life? Shouldn’t we get these kinds of services for our life also?

 There are lot of small scale to large scale accidents which leads to the loss of life just because of the unavailability of the required service at proper time. Hence, for this, we propose a system consisting of client-server system using the mobile communication system between the customer and the service provider.

This would sooth our problem to some extent. In this paper, we will briefly discuss the working of this system using mobile communication system in order to decrease this loss up to 70%. Above all our system will provide instant information and the services required. The main advantage of this system will be that there will be a fixture of the appointment with the respective hospital on the client’s request.

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