Penetrating Through the Dark Clouds Of Cyber-Weapons

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Sadikali Shaikh - Certified Security Analyst
Dr. Anup Girdhar - CEO-Founder Sedulity Solutions & Technologies

Currently our cyber world is surrounded by dark clouds of ‘cyber-weapons’ in form of malwares. These are the type of Malwares which are extremely complicated and were never seen in past 20 years. Many experts say these cyber weapons have more destructing power than an atom bomb. Many rumors are flowing on internet regarding the creator of such deadliest cyber weapons. Iran is the first country who has faced the thunder & storms of the deadliest cloud of cyber weapons. Many Iranian govt. offices, Oil industries & Nuclear plants where destructed with help of these cyber weapons. Iran’s ‘CERT’ team has displayed information regarding the infectious component of malwares on their website too. Firstly when these malwares were intercepted, the originating C&C servers through which these malwares communicated were unknown & every country pointed out the finger towards another. In this research we have tried to dig lots of hidden information which throw lights on various aspects of cyber-warfare & the cyber weapons used in it. This research throws light on how to tackle a situation if a country is targeted as an attack and where to launch the complaint in such situation. The world need and strict law against such actions and better security measures when national security of the any country comes under picture.                 

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