Transition from ipv4 to ipv6 an immediate need for development of Indian IT Industry

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Shahnawaz Sarwar - B.Tech (IT), Jamia Hamdard University
Aiman Zubair - B.Tech (CS), Jamia Hamdard University

The present day world is a technology driven world where people totally rely on technology to guide them through the day. Internet has become a part of our culture, a need and greed of humans. Every user connected to the internet is given an internet protocol address which is a unique identification id to access the web their respective machines. The current version of Internet Protocol in use is the internet protocol version 4(IPv4) which has a limited address space of 4294967296 (232) addresses. With the world population crossing the 7 billion mark and more than 2 billion people having the internet access across the world, the ipv4 address pool is likely to exhaust very soon. Hence a new version of Internet protocol, i.e., version 6 has been developed able to overcome the address pool exhaustion of IPv4. This feature presents a critique of the Internet Protocol version 6. Also in this column we have elucidated the stage of IPv6 deployment in India.

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