IPV6 Security Considerations

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Many security issues in IPv6 remain the same as in IPv4, But IPv6 also has new features that affect system and network security, as well as potentially impacting on policies and procedures. IPv4 has some significant limitations. IPV4 did not have “security” as a determining factor. New technologies like SSL/TLS and IPSec have been introduced.
IPv6 has IPSec built in security. IPSec is a framework of open standards which uses 3 protocols. Security association, Authentication Header, Encapsulating security Payload. “Security is most common concern with regard to Internet. Security issues such as - encrypting communications, controlling access to resources, authenticating users, and generally ensuring the privacy of transactions all need to be addressed.
This paper covers the topics of flows, ICMPv6, neighbour discovery, routing headers and DNS issues

Mrs. Rama Bansode Ph.D. Research Scholars in TMV, Pune, Dr. Anup Girdhar Ph.D. Guide, TMV
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