An Experimental Approach to Study the Terminal Fall Velocity of Particles in Different Types of Fluids

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M. N. Umare - Associate Professor (Civil Engg), Nagpur Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India

Prof. (Dr.) A. G. Bhole - Former Prof. & Head (Civil Engg), Visveswaraya Regional Engineering College & Emeritus Professor, LIT, Nagpur, India

Dr. D. P. Singh - Principal, KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, India


The settling velocity of sedimentary particles is one of the most important parameters. The settling of particles can be analyzed by Newton & Stokes Law .If a single sphere is allowed to fall in a liquid media by assuming certain standard conditions, it’s velocity increases under the action of gravity, but in matter of seconds, under the action of drag, buoyant & gravity forces, the particle attains a constant velocity under definite boundary conditions. This constant Velocity is termed as “Terminal velocity’’.

This review paper will be presenting a literature review on the work done on calculation of Drag Force exerted on a particle and its Terminal Fall Velocity of different particles in different liquid media by different researchers.

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