Green Database

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Pranav Kharbanda - MBA Student, Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies

Varun Chauhan - MBA Student, Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies

Sumit Jain - MBA Student, Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies


The purpose of our research study was based on the case of green data base undertaken by T Willis Lang and Jignesh M. Patel Computer Sciences Department University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, where we have suggested and studied the importance of database going ecofriendly and Data Centers and the Database management systems have always ignored the task of managing the energy consumed during query execution and query processing. The economic and environmental factors now require that Data Centers give attention to energy consumption and proper energy utilization. Energy efficiency, a new focus for general-purpose computing, has been a major technology driver in the mobile and embedded areas for some time. Earlier work emphasized extending battery life, but it has since expanded to include peak power reduction because thermal constraints began to limit further CPU performance improvements. Using experiments run on a commercial DBMS and MySQL, we show that PVC can reduce the processor energy consumption by 49% of the original consumption while increasing the response time by only 3%. On MySQL, PVC can reduce energy consumption by 20% with a response time penalty of only 6%. For simple selection queries with no predicate overlap, we show that QED can be used to gracefully trade response time for energy, reducing energy consumption by 54% for a 43% increase in average response time.

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