Modern Media: A Tool For ELT In Intercultural Communication

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Kumari Pragya - Research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


This paper looks at the modern media to find out some innovative techniques for English language teaching. I discuss the importance of media with a new perspective presenting it as a tool for English language learning. Proper use of the strategy must be taken care in this regard for its implementation. The wide spread of media, the multilinguality of Indian students, and the need of globalization promote English language to the pinnacle, but also develop the need of new teaching styles and pedagogies that can impart knowledge and reduce learners’ feeling of burden towards a new language as well. These techniques should be dynamic so that it can be handled with less mental energy. Media, especially the news media, is the part of everyone’s daily life, and I reflect on some aspects of news media as the effective way of English learning avoiding the mental pressure of the students. It can be used as a modern pedagogy where learning happens naturally. This paper brings out the consequences of technology for language learning.

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