Demand Forecasting Of Spare Parts Store By Moving Average Method and Verification By Exponential Method

!!!! Bi-Annual Double Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal !!!!

!!!! Open Access Journal !!!!


Sharda Pratap Shrivas, Assistant Professor CEC Bilaspur

S.Gangopadhayay, Assistant Professor NIT Rourkela

Aruna Thakur, PhD Scholar NIT Rourkela


A forecasting methodology will surely promote the efficiency of control actions by providing insight on the future. Today’s every firm wants to maintain efficient inventory for avoiding losses, increase benefit and also make good relation with customer. To avoid this problem make a forecast for Commercial Engineers and Body Builders Co. Ltd. Jabalpur store. First compile all data (demand and supply) of stores in A B C Analysis on the basis of their prices. In this thesis forecasting is done by two methods and compare on them which one is more close to supply. Moving average method and Exponential method is apply on the last 12 month supply data and verify to the last 9 month data.

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