Analysis On The Security Of Directed Diffusion- A Protocol Used For Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks

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Jyoti Thakur, M-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, ITM University Gwalior.



In today’s computer modern era, Wireless sensor networks (WSN's) are attractive and widespread in armed and civilian applications such as investigation, observing, disaster rescue, household computerization and many others. Almost every sensor network application involves some form of self-configuration. 
Wireless ad hoc networks of sensor nodes are intended to be installed in the physical location to monitor a wide range of real-world occurrences. Moreover, there are lot of possibilities like data can be corrupted, computer information systems can fail, and communication networks may experience DOS attacks leading to complete failure of proper Information Transmissions. 
The aim of this paper is to analyze the security of Directed Diffusion secure routing in Wireless Sensor networks. Moreover, I’ll also discuss various Network attacks possible on this routing protocol and generate the countermeasures to prevent these attacks for the benefit of society.
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