Cyber Security- A Review

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Rajesh Kumar Meena, M-Tech (CSE), Department of Computer Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi-42

Vinod Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi-42


The Federated Cyber Defense System (FCDS), its architecture, protocols and security mechanisms, are quite relevant to the current environment. Cyber forces, refers to cultivated personnel’s that can perform network computer operations and hold cyber security technology such as cyber intelligence collection, cyber-attack, cyber defense, and cyber forensics. Cyber intelligence capability includes cyber surveillance/reconnaissance, cyber order of battle and cyber damage assessment. Technical- socio framework encompasses the cyber security warning systems. A real-time intrusion detection system that changes its behavior according to the patterns occurred in the new  received data, the framework uses a semi rule-based approach to classification in order to make the model more understandable for human experts and facilitate the user interference in the learning process.

In this paper a survey, review and analysis of various current cyber security strategies to find out the robust, reliable, efficient and quick responsive results during cyber security operation for cyberspace superiority in cyber warfare is done.
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