Designing an Automation Framework to Improve the Performance of SIP Based Test Suites in PBX Feature Testing

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Manoranjitham R, PG student, MITCOE, Pune University
B.N.Jagdale, Associate Professor, MITCOE, Pune University

Private Branch eXchange (PBX) system is used in most of the business industries to connect all the branches of the different locations with minimum call costs, less usage of wires for connection, significant savings in maintenance and enhanced lots of features, and also better phone usability and scalability to expand their network to worldwide. This system uses standard VOIP protocols such as H.323, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to carry the voice, video, data on the networks. SIP is a widely used protocol in telecommunications and it supports many features in the PBX system. In today’s environment, it is necessary to deliver the high quality product with less time and use less number of resources. Testing the PBX feature is necessary to check the reliability of the system. We are focused to create a newly an automated testing platform to test several PBX features involving SIP stations. It provides a test bed on which developers can run their workspaces and identify potential breakages using a completely automated setup. This framework also provides the multi ready to use suites of several hundreds of test cases at a time. Running multi test cases simultaneously to reduce the developer time spending in testing is also leads to deliver the product on time. This framework is a significant enhancement to the development environment, with major benefits to product quality and testing efficiency.

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