Real-Time Video Streaming Using Webrtc

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Swapnil S. Potnis, Dept. of Information Technology M.I.T.C.O.E, Pune, India
Prof. Aditi S. Jahagirdar, Dept. of Information Technology M.I.T.C.O.E, Pune, India
Mr. Vyankatesh Deshpande Manager Avaya India Pvt. Ltd.

In today’s world, real-time delivery of video is the need of the hour. Video Streaming sites like Youtube, Netflix, CurrentTV, UStream and many more offering Video-On Demand (VOD) service increases the network traffic. Tremendous amount of distribution channels are required to meet the requirements of their customers. This paper gives an exemplified description of how real-time video streaming is made possible using WebRTC. WebRTC allows us to communicate (audio and video) without the browsing needing to install any supplementary plugins. It also helps in achieving scalability as well as real-time delivery of video at a low price rate.

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