Performance of Concentrically and Eccentrically Braced Steel Frame Buildings

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Subhra Paul, M. Tech student, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Silchar
Satyabrata Choudhury, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Silchar,

Steel frame buildings with braces are common in practice. The bracing pattern and layout influences the seismic performance of such buildings.In this present study, the effects of two different types of bracing systems have been studied in steel braced frame buildings. An attempt is made to compare the response of centrally braced frame (CBF) buildings with and eccentrically braced frame(EBF) building subjected to seismic loads. The main parameters considered in the present study are inter-storey drifts, performance level at different storey levels. Beam sizes have been obtained using UPBD (Unified Performance Based Design) method considering target  objectives as: IO with 1% drift, LS with 2% drift, CP with 3 % drift. For nonlinear time history analysis, spectrum compatible ground motions (SCGM) have been used. User defined hinges have been provided to beam as per FEMA 356. Beam sizes have been obtained using UPBD method and column sizes have been taken according to demand. Finally, important conclusions are drawn in dealing with CBF and EBF buildings.

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