Environmental Sustainability & Green Policies of ICT Private Industry

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Krati Bansal, Student, Master of Technology, I.T.S. Engineering College, Greater Noida
Pratik J Kurle, Student (P.G.D.O.R.M) Mumbai University, Mumbai
Priyanka Chawla, Assistant Professor I.T.S. Engineering College, Greater Noida

Over the years climatic changes have become a global concern, effecting economies and businesses. This paper explicates qualitative study of green computing executions and environmental sustainability peculiarly by Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies. Antecedent results through a large online inspection are considered. This research study cynosure on environmental protection and also scrutinizes technologies implemented for environmental health. Green Computing technologies actualizes an organization to remarkably scale down the energy consumption, evolve energy efficient products and also cut down e-waste by embracing reuse and recycle policies. Efficient polices can slash down the consumption of non-renewable resources and reduce the generation of waste. This paper deliberates numerous attributes of environmental sustainability and strategies enforced or proposed to minimize the pernicious effect caused by usage of computing

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