A Survey of Video and Comment Spam Detection Techniques on YouTube

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Deepika Varshney

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website on the Internet. The great popularity of YouTube leads to misuse and video pollution such as uploading of malicious; copyright violated and spam video content over it. YouTube has popular feature video response to an uploaded or existing video. The opportunistic user posting unrelated, promotional, pornographic video as video response to existing video and if these pornographic video is posted over some gaming website this will give a harmful impact on children mindset. Research has been performed in this domain in order to find and eliminate spam video and comments. This paper studies, analyzes and classifies major and latest strategies proposed in the area of comment and video spam detection on YouTube during 2009-2015.The paper identifies advantages ,future work and a detailed analysis of the latest schema in this area that will help academia to identify best technique of detecting spam.

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