Data Science: Technological Advancements and Recent Inclinations

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Shail Saharan, Dept. of IT, IGDTUW, Delhi
Medha Trivedi, Dept. of IT, IGDTUW, Delhi
Radhika Singh, Dept. of IT, IGDTUW, Delhi
Ankita Garg, Dept. of IT, IGDTUW, Delhi

When things started to get digitized there emerged a need to store data. This led to origination of database management system. As we progressed the need of changed database management emerged which used on line analytical processing (OLAP). In today’s scenario these two techniques have been almost ruled out due to generation of extremely huge amount of data. This has led to advent of big data. This paper shows a clear rise of database from using a relational database model to multidimensional database model and then finally big data analysis.

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