Comparative study on Modeling of Shear Wall with Layered shell element and wide Column

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Soumen Kumar Nandi, M Tech Student, NIT Silchar, Silchar, Assam, India
Professor Satyabrata Choudhury, NIT Silchar, Silchar, Assam, India

In the present scenario of earthquake resistant design of structures, constructing frame-shear wall buildings is very common. We are going to design Layered shear wall building and Wide column shear wall building. The present study is aimed at ascertaining the applicability of UPBD (Unified Performance-Based design) method for carrying out the performance of the buildings for a given target performance objectives under specified hazard level. The results are compared in both the cases. For analysis and design of buildings, SAP2000 has been used. We modelled Beams and columns as frame elements. Beam and shear wall sizes have been obtained using UPBD method. We provide 3% to 4% steel in column according to demand. Non-Linear Hinges assigned to beams and columns according to FEMA 356. We provide User defined hinges in shear walls as per FEMA 356. We use spectrum compatible ground motions (SCGM) for nonlinear time history analysis.

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