Analysis of Various Algorithms for Cancer Cell Detection

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Manisha B, PG Student, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
Monika C, Assistant Professor, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

Mathematical morphology is based on set theory and provides a number of tools for image processing. It is an approach to handle different type of images. Since it is based on set theory, it can perform tasks like edge detection, segmentation, noise reduction, filtering and shape analysis etc. It can be applied to different types of applications which come under  nonlinear and digital image processing. In recent years, the image processing mechanisms have become more popular because they are more efficient and fast in discovering the disease in patient. To resolve the problem of cancer cell detection accurately and effectively, various algorithms were proposed using binary morphology, gray-level morphology and color morphology. This paper summarizes the recent advances and discusses the different methods to detect a cancer cell by using cell morphology.

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