Review on SPIHT Algorithms Based Image Compression in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

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Aditi Lakra, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
Vivekanand Jha, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

Wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN) mainly transmit image, video and audio along with sensor data over the wireless network. There is need of image compression to  provide better quality of service. This paper aims on review on image compression along with image compression performance metrics. Various types of compression algorithms are briefly reviewed in this paper. Main focus is onset partitioning in hierarchical tree (SPIHT) algorithm, its origin, features, advantages, disadvantages and algorithm is discussed. Subsequent modification in form of no-list SPIHT (NLS) is also studied and reviewed. Memory analysis of SPIHT and NLS is done, and it is found that NLS is more memory efficient.  Further, various modifications and models to improve SPIHT algorithm in terms of coding efficiency, image quality, and memory requirements are surveyed and discussed. SPIHT uses three linked list and uses lot of memory space, hence reducing memory requirements is a domain where improvements can be made, to develop a novel image compression algorithm.

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