Big Data Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

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Neha Bansal, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

In recent years, enterprises are facing the challenge to handle (collect, store, process, analyze) the large amount of data that is being generated continuously through rapid use of internet, Internet of things, a number of sensing and mobile devices and also cloud computing, as they foresee that this voluminous data can be used for real-time decision making,  business intelligence and innovation, customer intelligence as well as for competitive advantage if the data can be converted into valuable form using either in terms of developing applications or just data analytics. IT big giants like IBM, Google, Oracle, Microsoft have realized the data explosion a decade before and have been working in the area of storing,  analyzing and managing large volumes of data so that efficient mining of this data can lead to improved business value. The term “Big Data” is coined to refer to the data that is voluminous and unstructured. Big data system development and deployment are still scarce and failures abound. In this paper we have summarized the major challenges and bottlenecks faced by the developers of big data systems.

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