Cheating Prevention by Malicious Participant using Zero Knowledge Proof

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C. Erenpeni Tsanglao, M.Tech (ISM), IGDTUW, Kashmere Gate

In visual cryptography, the secret image is splitted into ‘N’ shares and out of ‘N’ shares, ‘K’ shares is sufficient to decode the secret image. In this paper, the values of ‘K’ and ‘N’ are determined by Monte Carlo Method of uniform distribution theory. So that these values are simulated by itself and prevent others from knowing the participants and the number of threshold participant’s share to decode. Each participant will be generating two shares i.e., GENUINE and FAKE shares. In order to get the secret to reveal, ‘m’ number of YES shares where K> m >N are stacked otherwise it is not revealed. It will depend on the participant whether to send a GENUINE or FAKE share from their side. If they sense a cheating then they can send a FAKE share and prevent the process of constructing the secret image. Using the zero knowledge proof, each participant (prover) sends the verifier their share (GENUINE / FAKE). The verifier proves that the share send by each participant is the correct share and then the process of reconstruction of the secret image is initiated. It prevents any malicious participants from cheating by sending their distorted share. Three steps in cheating prevention are done to ensure security. The secret image is not revealed until the three steps are validated.

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